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Desky Smart Wifi IR Desk Wood Lamp

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Desky is a Stylish and modern Lamp from Errai Home Family made with Red Oak and Acrylic. This can be just a simple lamp with a soft light which can create a warm atmosphere in the room or it can be a modern lamp with 16 Million Colors option to choose from.

These lamps are internet connected devices and have multiple features inside. The lamps can be controlled by 24 Key IR remote or using the Mobile App which is available in both Android and IOS platform. The Lamps are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFFFT.

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Bring home a modern smart WiFi connected Desk Night lamp which adds beauty to any room in your home.

The Desky smart lamp can provide that extra lighting required to relax your mood or the Rhythm Lights to bring out the Dancer in you.

As we have used LED in our Desky this has many advantages, such as low consumption, convenient connection and ease of use. You can use Desky in the family room, bedroom, study, bar, doorways and more.

Desky Smart Lamp connected to your smartphone through WiFi, and can notify you with a different colour of light when you receive a Missed call, SMS, Facebook update, Instagram, or when its time to charge your phone, or when you have got a Gmail from a specific person or notify people at home when you almost reaching home, etc... Desky is customisable so you can select which colour you want for each type of notification. All these notification are customised through IFTTT Service, please read our Instruction Blog for more details.

 Get away from the habit of forgetting the important dates, let it be Birthdays, Anniversaries etc, Just configure through IFTTT to notify with a different colour of your choice for the important dates.

Desky can be your simple Dance lights.

Select your favourite song in your phone and Desky will pulse to the beat in multiple changing colours. You have four modes to choose from.

Configure Desky smart lamp to trigger various colour based on stock ticker price changes or physical or digital currency exchange rate report. Track your finances and get notified about price changes and drops immediately

Desky is a smart light that uses high powered, 16 million colour LEDs so you can find any colour to match your mood and add a splash of colour to any room, all chosen with your phone. A perfect companion for mood lighting.


1. Compatibility: Support IFTTT, Alexa and Google Home Assistant

2. Music Sync: Music Sync allows you to automatically change the lights to match your music. Rock, Normal, Jazz or Classical settings to control different transitions.
3. Colour Settings: Personalise your lights with a colour palette of over 16 million colours and different tones of white light, and every colour is dimmable.
4. Camera Mode: Use your favourite photos to set up the colours, or pick up colours from the Camera.
5. Dynamic & Customs: 20 Pre-programmed colour modes to kick start your party, and you can also create your own modes.
6. Timer: With light schedules, MagicLight WiFi can make it seem like you're home when you are not. Set the lights to come on/off at a pre-set time so you can come home to a bright well lit home
7. Sunrise & Sunset: Use the "Sunrise" feature to wake up gently to a gradually brightening light. Let the lights turn off gradually at night, so you never have to worry about whether you've left any lights on.
8. Night-Light: The Night-Light function helps a lot with your relax and quality sleeping time.
9. Mic Function: You can use this mode to sync any sounds from any source you need.
10. Remotely Control: You can control your light while you are not at home


Data sheet

140x 140x 140
Rated Voltage (V)
Google Assistant Support
Alexa Support
IFTTT Support
Mobile App
Magic Home Pro
CR2025 for remote(Not Included)
Oil Stained with Clear Lacquer
Wood & Acrylic
Type of Bulb

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