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Thanks for contacting, we get back to you soon.

Errai or Gamma Cephei is the future North Star and Errai Home represent the new age in home décor design, which is the amalgamation of aesthetics/art with modern technology.

Can Technology and Art coexist?

The answer can be found in each and every product of Errai home. 

The meaning of “Art” is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.”  Errai homes add Technology to this list. 

Errai home presents you a unique product line which transforms your home to a modern dwelling along with increasing the elegance and attractiveness.

Each product has its own ingenuity adding ease to your life and increasing the tranquillity in your home. Explore our shop for a collection of Lamp, Wall Arts, Home Decor, Garden and Home Decor Products.

Most of our products are handmade and delivered to you with love.

We strive to bring a smile in each one’s life.

Most of our Signature products are Designed and Made in the United Arab Emirates.