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Home Design Ideas For 2019

Home Design Ideas For 2019

In the dynamic world of design and decor, there are some elements that stand the test of change. These simple pieces can alter the ambience and aesthetics of a room without a major revamp. They gel well with most colour schemes and design themes. Most of these minor home design changes can bring a vast improvement in the outlook of the room. 


Nothing lights up the feel of a room like, well, lights! From supermarket brightness to the night-light dimness, lights come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. The latest is smart lights and fairy lights. 


Many of the studies validate that colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. "Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,"  Pablo Picasso once remarked. The time has come to illuminate your room according to your mood with just a click on your smartphone. There is a 0range of smart bulbs and lights available in the market now and most of them can be just fixed to your existing bulb fittings. This is a simple way to add that mood - altering colour to your room.

Smart Bulb

Table lamps have been around for a very long time. But their evolution is a study in itself! Whether in the living room, bedroom or the study, rustic, scandi or industrial, there is a table lamp suited for every room. The touch-on-touch-off are popular, especially with children! This soft lighting feature brings depth to the design of the room even during the day. 

Fairy lights are here to stay! Keep that Christmas magic alive through the year by using these lights in versatile ways. Hang them over your window or the wall behind your bed. String your fondest pictures along the lights to make them even more special. Put them in a mason jar to relive that childhood memory of bottled fireflies. 

Fairy Light

Light Boxes

The new arrival to the home decor arena is Light boxes. Light in the box moved out of theatre displays to our bedrooms thanks to their scope of customization. What started as personalized alphabet boxes have now moved on to calligraphy and silhouette boxes

Lights boxes or the LED Wall Panel  provide the required light highlighting of and life to your existing wall decor. So add a touch of glam and intrigue while still being personal with light boxes. Above all these Light Boxes can be custom made to suit the design, style and size requirement of your wall. Also, the smart devices integrated with these Light Boxes has taken it to a different level.

Home Decor

Metal Art

A metal work of art is no longer a feature in an artist’s home. One way to spruce up decor is to play with texture. Combine unexpected combinations of material in the same room such as a fabric and leather sofa. But the simplest touch can be that of metal sculpture. A figurine, a symbol, or just modern art, metal artworks elevate the aesthetics of decor by adding that touch of sophistication

Metal Wall Art

Metal can also be part of the furniture to add that industrial touch. The wooden coffee table with black metal legs or the metal canopy of your bed, metal is functional, durable and aesthetic when used moderately. 

Newer trends make their way into decor but only the versatile, scalable ones stay. This is a world where opposites exist in harmony, the unexpected is part of the ordinary but the basic sense of aesthetics does not change. So keep an eye out for unique pieces that may be new to your taste but rest assured, will add that zing to your home!

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